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PV Solar Panels

PV Solar Panels

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PV Solar Panels

Harness the power of the sun and go green to take control of your home's energy.
With our professional Solar PV Panel installation service, you can produce your own clean and renewable electricity, whilst enjoying the numerous benefits of renewable for your home and wallet.

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Solar Panel Installer


Environmentally Friendly: Solar energy is green and sustainable, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet.



Slash your electricity bills by up to 50% by generating your own power from the sun. As the cost of traditional energy sources continues to rise, your savings will only increase over time.



Break free from the grip of rising energy costs and external factors that influence electricity rates. Produce your energy and become more self-reliant.


Hot Water Diverter: Maximise your savings by using excess solar energy to heat your hot water. Our innovative hot water diverter ensures that no energy goes to waste, helping you make the most of every ray of sunshine.


Electric Car Charging:

If you drive an electric car, rejoice! You can charge your vehicle using the sun's energy, reducing your reliance on fossil fuels, and cutting down your transportation costs.


Battery Storage:

Store surplus electricity for later use, even when the sun goes down. With battery storage, you can power your home during the evenings without tapping into the grid.

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Solar PV

Solar Grant

Installation is a breeze and don’t worry about experiencing any disruption to your home or energy supply!


When you get in touch with Renew Electrical, we will assess your requirements and your goals for PV solar panels, and we will then schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Our experts will then advise on the best route to achieve your goals and make plans for the next steps accordingly.

To determine which solar grant is suitable for your needs, we will first need to assess the system size which will need to be installed on your home. This takes into account a number of factors including the house size, number of occupants, appliance energy rating, energy usage, heating requirements and appliance usage.

There are systems which come as 2kW, 3kW, and 4kW systems. Our PV Solar experts will advise you on which system is the most suitable for your needs.

Contrary to common belief, solar panelling does not require direct sunlight, daylight, regardless of the weather is more than sufficient to supply enough light for your solar absorption system, which is welcome news for Irish homeowners who have been deterred from enquiring about solar panels, thanks to the unpredictable, and sometimes inclement Irish weather.

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PV Solar Panels

Is there an electrician near me?

Yes. Renew Electrical is registered with governing bodies and also the SEAI to undertake private and grant solar panelling installation.

After getting PV solar panels installed on my house, what do I need to do next?

You will need to follow up with BER (Building Energy Rating certification) for an assessment of your home to check the updated energy efficiency rating.

Can businesses avail of the solar panel grant?

No. At present the solar panel grant is available only to private residential households.

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